7 April 2022

New Zealand Superannuation Pay Rise


If you are getting the New Zealand Superannuation (NZ Super), the rates have gone up.


The changes amounting to a pay rise of approximately 5%, which is expected to compensate for some of the recent steep rises in the cost of living.

Those receiving NZ Super will gain approximately $52 a fortnight for a single person and $80 a fortnight for a couple.

  • Single people living alone will get an after-tax rate of $462.94 on the 'M' tax rate or $444.09 on the 'S' tax rate.
  • Single people sharing accommodation will get $427.33 or $408.48 respectively.
  • Couples who combine their entitlements will get $712.22 at the 'M' rate and $674.52 at the 'S' rate. Assessed separately, they each will get $356.11 and $337.26 per week.

Changes implemented in as of 1 April 2022, with it hitting bank accounts for the first time on 12 April. That means extra in the wallet for Easter treats.

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