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Before you get started

We recognise the importance of providing accurate information and guidance to our clients regarding equity release options. While we cannot offer personalised advice tailored to individual circumstances, we are committed to providing comprehensive education and assistance to help clients make informed decisions.

Our role is to offer clear explanations of our equity release product Lifetime Home, including its features, benefits, and potential risks, allowing you and your family to assess its suitability based on your unique financial situation and goals.

Clients must seek legal advice from a qualified professional before we can proceed with an Agreement. We also encourage clients to seek independent financial advice for personalised guidance tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.

Our priority is to ensure transparency, clarity, and support throughout the process, empowering you to make well-informed choices that align with your objectives for retirement living.

Time Frame

Attaining a Lifetime Home Agreement takes a minimum of one month from initial engagement. Once the Agreement has been signed it can take up to two weeks before you receive your first income payment.



Spend your time learning about Lifetime Home through our website, and the websites of similar schemes globally.

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Request an Eligibility Assessment

We can conduct a quick assessment to review whether your home passes the pre-qualification review. This does not mean that you are automatically approved, nor does it mean you’re rejected.

We recommend completing the pre-qualification check even if you feel your house may not qualify, as the pre-qualification parameters may change in the future and we would be able to notify you.


A pre-qualification check includes assessing the home’s*:


Location: Unfortunately, not all areas fall within our pre-qualified criteria. While we do go beyond the main centres, we cannot, at this stage, cover all areas.


Category: Currently we only accept standalone residential dwellings. This means apartments, townhouses, and flats are not pre-qualified.


Title: Currently we only accept free-hold titles.


Lease: Currently we do not accept leaseholds.


Mortgage: We do not accept homes with a mortgage.


Currently not eligible: Leasehold, and Cross-Lease estates, Unit Title estates (including Apartments and Town houses), and properties that are not your primary residence, for example a rental, investment property or Bach.


*Regardless of the criteria, Lifetime may accept or refuse any applications in its sole discretion.


Please note a pre-qualification check can take up to two working days.


Talk to Your Family!

Initiating conversations with your family about equity release early in the decision-making process is vital for fostering transparency, trust, and informed decision-making. By involving your family members from the outset, you establish an open dialogue where concerns can be addressed, and intentions clearly communicated.

Since equity release involves releasing a portion of your property's value, it may impact the assets available for inheritance. By openly communicating your intentions and involving family members in the discussion, you can mitigate potential misunderstandings or conflicts in the future.

Furthermore, involving your family early on enables you to gain valuable insights and perspectives that you might not have previously considered. This can help provide a more comprehensive understanding of the potential implications of equity release.

Additionally, discussing equity release helps address any emotional considerations that may arise. Open communication allows you to acknowledge these emotions sensitively and involve family members in the decision-making process, fostering a supportive environment.


Let’s Chat

Once you've acquainted yourself with Lifetime Home, completed a pre-qualification assessment, and consulted with family and trusted advisers, you can arrange a formal consultation.

A team member will coordinate a convenient time for a video, phone, or face-to-face discussion, preferably involving both homeowners and, if possible, trusted advisers and family members.

Prior to this meeting, Lifetime will conduct an iValuation to identify any potential issues and discuss preliminary estimates of home value.

Following the consultation, a comprehensive summary will be provided, covering everything discussed and addressing any remaining questions.

This summary will also outline the next steps in the event that both Lifetime and the homeowner(s) decide to proceed. This can take up to two working days to complete.



Our best endeavours is to find a time that works for everyone within the following week of the requested consultation.



Formal Process

Should both parties agree to move forward, Lifetime Home will issue a formal letter detailing the subsequent steps, which include obtaining independent valuation and seeking legal advice.

If Lifetime has not yet visited the home, they may choose to do so prior to making the formal offer. This is to ensure that the house is safe to live, and to take photos for a property condition report. This does not affect the independent valuation.

In the event that Lifetime decides not to proceed, we are committed to transparency, providing clear reasons for our decision and any limitations preventing us from proceeding at that time.


Independent Valuation

At this stage, Lifetime will ask the homeowner to arrange for an accredited independent valuation at the homeowner's expense. Lifetime can provide a list of accredited valuers.

Depending on where you live it can take up to two weeks for an independent valuation to be completed.

After the independent valuation is finalised, it should be submitted to Lifetime for review, after which we will make a formal offer to the homeowner. We aim to do this within five working days of receiving the valuation.


Legal Advice

Lifetime will provide an offer letter to the homeowner, which will include copies of the Agreement and an explanatory memorandum, which should be shared with the homeowner’s lawyer.

The agreement also includes a certificate that must be signed by the homeowner’s qualified lawyer. Lifetime will not be able to proceed without this.


Signed Agreement & Associated Documentation

A signed agreement including all associated documentation is to be provided to Lifetime. Once everything required is provided, it should take no longer than two weeks to start receiving your income payments.


Live Comfortably in Retirement

Then you’re free to live your best life in retirement, knowing you have the security of a regular supplementary income.

We strive to provide all members of the Lifetime family with clear and transparent communications. We also have real people at the end of the phone to help you with any questions or issues you might have.

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