Turn your savings into a retirement income

Lifetime Retirement Income Fund

Your retirement is a new adventure

It's the reason you started saving all those years ago. But now that you're finally here, how do you make your savings last as long as you do?

Lifetime Retirement Income can help you turn your savings into a fortnightly income designed to last for the rest of your life.

This leaves you free to get out there and enjoy living.

Why Lifetime?

Lifetime Retirement Income Fund

How does Lifetime work?

Your pay cheque's stopped but the bills haven't

So how do you turn a lump sum into an income that will last the rest of your life?

Receiving a reliable, tax—paid, retirement income that's managed to last a lifetime should not be difficult or complicated. Lifetime helps by actively managing the key unknowns: your life expectancy and investment returns.

1. Your income is calculated

Based on your annuity factor, we calculate an annual amount of Retirement Income you can withdraw. Your annuity factor is based on your age, gender, tax rate, savings balance & expected investment returns.

2. Your savings are invested

Your savings are invested in a Balanced Fund and managed by our experienced investment committee. Your account balance, investment returns and future payment details can be viewed anytime via the secure online portal.

3. Regular tax-paid income

Your savings balance and investment returns are combined and are paid to you each fortnight on Super Tuesday, providing you with the confidence to spend your income as you please in retirement.

4. Annual Review

Lifetime completes an Annual Income Review to check your account balance and life expectancy. The review may result in adjustments to your retirement income to ensure your balance will last your lifetime.


Lifetime Retirement Income Calculator

What could your retirement income be?

We believe the amount of money you can withdraw each year from your retirement savings is unique to you – not static or one size fits all.

See how much you could receive with the Lifetime Retirement Income Calculator.

Lifetime Income Projection

Meet the Team

Backed by an experienced team

By partnering with a team of industry experts, Lifetime customers can retire with confidence.

Ralph Stewart, Managing Director & Founder

Ralph Stewart was CEO of AXA Insurance New Zealand for 9 years and more recently the CEO of ACC. He has thirty years of experience in New Zealand's financial services sector.

Diana Crossan, Director & Chairperson

Diana Crossan is the former Retirement Commissioner of New Zealand, a position she held for ten years. Prior to this, she was a Senior Executive with AMP and held senior leadership roles in the public sector.

Martin Hawes, Director

Martin Hawes is one of New Zealand’s leading financial commentators and advisers. He has authored multiple books on personal financial planning including best-selling titles "Twenty Good Summers" and "Family Trusts". He is also a financial columnist.

Cameron Bagrie, Investment Committee Member

Cameron has been an economist for 20 years and served as Chief Economist at ANZ for 11 years. He has also worked as an economist at the National Bank, Treasury and Statistics New Zealand.


Benefits of Lifetime

Why choose Lifetime?

Our income solutions complement a diversified investment plan, taking care of your regular retirement income requirements.

A Regular Fortnightly Income

We pay you an income each fortnight, the same week as NZ Super, so you can continue paying the bills. This has no effect on your NZ Super Payment.

Spend with Confidence

We calculate an annual income level based on a range of factors that are personal to each individual. As a result, our members can spend with confidence knowing that their income is designed to last their lifetime.

Quick, Easy Access to Your Money

Your money is always your money. You can withdraw part or all of your account balance whenever you choose.

No withdrawal penalties charged.

Choice and Flexibility

You have the flexibility to change your annual income levels from one year to the next in response to personal circumstances.

Account Balance Returned to Estate

We ensure your account balance goes to your estate, when you pass away.

Income is Tax-Paid

Your income payments are tax-paid and fee-paid. As this is a portfolio investment entity (PIE), it means that tax is paid at your own personal tax rate (PIR).

Offers Couples Peace of Mind

By investing as a couple it means that when one person passes away, the surviving partner does not need to worry about finance immediately, as their income payments will continue as normal.

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