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Lifetime Income Fund

Retirement's a new adventure

It's the reason that you started saving all those years ago.
But now that you're finally here, how do you make your savings last as long as you do?

How it works

Your pay cheque's stopped but the bills haven't

So how do you turn a lump sum into an income that will last the rest of your life?

Step 1

When you invest with Lifetime, your savings are invested in a balanced fund and your income is insured to make sure it lasts as long as you do.

Step 2

All your returns from the balanced fund are credited to your investment account. Fees, tax, and your regular income payments are debited from your account.

Step 3

Regular income payments are paid to you every fortnight. Your income is insured and guaranteed for life, regardless of what happens to interest rates or financial markets.

That's it!

Spend your income however you like. If anything changes, you're free to withdraw all or part of your investment. If you pass away, your balance is paid to your estate.


Benefits of Lifetime

Why choose Lifetime?

A guaranteed income for life

Lifetime gives you certainty. You know you’ve got money coming in every fortnight to pay the bills, just like when you were working.

Protects your downside

You don’t need to worry about stock market crashes or low interest rates affecting your income. With Lifetime, you have a guaranteed income, for life.

Your money is always yours

If you need to withdraw some, or all of your savings down the track, you can. It’s your money and it’s always available. If you pass away, your remaining capital will go to your estate.

Your income is secure

Lifetime is licensed as an insurer by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand and regulated by the Financial Markets Authority. Your investment is held and supervised by the Public Trust, a crown entity.

Income Calculator

What could your income be?

See how much income your nest egg could generate using our Retirement Income Calculator.

Between $25,000 and $1,000,000
Between 60 and 90
Between 60 and 90

Meet the team

The team behind Lifetime

Photo of Sir Michael Cullen

Sir Michael Cullen


Sir Michael Cullen is the former Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister of New Zealand. During his time in Government, he was responsible for setting up KiwiSaver and establishing the New Zealand Superannuation Fund. Sir Michael has also been Attorney-General of New Zealand and Chairman of New Zealand Post.

Photo of Diana Crossan

Diana Crossan

Director & Chairperson

Diana Crossan is the former Retirement Commissioner of New Zealand, a position she held for ten years. Prior to this, she was a Senior Executive with AMP in the UK and New Zealand and has held senior leadership roles in the public and SOE sectors. Her past directorships include Mighty River Power and New Zealand Post.

Photo of Martin Hawes

Martin Hawes


Martin Hawes is one of New Zealand’s leading financial commentators. An authorised financial adviser, Martin has authored multiple books and publications on personal financial planning. He is also a columnist for the Sunday Star Times and

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