Meet the Team

Professionals making a difference for Kiwis in retirement

Photo of Diana Crossan

Diana Crossan

Director & Chairperson

Diana Crossan is the former Retirement Commissioner of New Zealand, a position she held for ten years. Prior to this, she was a Senior Executive with AMP in the UK and New Zealand and has held senior leadership roles in the public and SOE sectors. Her past directorships include Mighty River Power and New Zealand Post.

Photo of Sir Michael Cullen

Sir Michael Cullen


Sir Michael Cullen is the former Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister of New Zealand. During his time in Government, he was responsible for setting up KiwiSaver and establishing the New Zealand Superannuation Fund. Sir Michael has also been Attorney-General of New Zealand and Chairman of New Zealand Post.

Photo of Martin Hawes

Martin Hawes


Martin Hawes is one of New Zealand’s leading financial commentators. An authorised financial adviser, Martin has authored multiple books and publications on personal financial planning. He is also a columnist for the Sunday Star Times and

Photo of Ralph Stewart

Ralph Stewart

Director & Managing Director

Ralph Stewart is the former CEO of AXA Insurance New Zealand and the ACC. He has thirty years of experience in New Zealand's financial services sector. Ralph has a Diploma in Business Administration from Victoria University in Wellington and a Masters in Business Administration from Manchester University in England.

Photo of John Strahl

John Strahl


John Strahl is a former Partner at DLA Phillips Fox. He was the principal legal adviser to Tower Insurance for over 20 years, specialising in demutualisation and capital raising in NZ and Australia. John is currently the principal adviser to the Wellington City Council.

Photo of Graeme Mitchell

Graeme Mitchell


Graeme Mitchell is a former Audit and Assurance Partner at Deloitte. He is currently deputy chair of the National Provident Fund board of trustees. Graeme is also the Chair of the Audit Committees for the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Social Development.

Photo of Tim Paris

Tim Paris


Tim Paris is the CEO of RUARK Insurance Advisors in Connecticut, New York. He is also a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and a member of the American Academy of Actuaries.