How Lifetime Invests for Income

Invest with Lifetime for a retirement income managed for living.

We manage retirees money a little differently to people who are saving for retirement. The reason for that is we have to make sure retirees savings last.

Ralph Stewart
Chair of the Investment Committee


Investing for Income

Spending in retirement is different to saving for retirement!

Lifetime manage money in a way that doesn’t just maximise investment returns, but also ensures that the capital base you have will indeed last you your lifetime.

The Lifetime Retirement Income Fund is designed to provide a steady stream of income to its investors throughout retirement. This income stream is calculated using an annuity-based formula with an embedded expected return assumption and longevity target.

Lifetime invests in diversified index funds with underlying exposure to international and Australasian equities and fixed interest.

Growth Assets Benchmark
Australasian Equities 15%
International Equities 48%
Total Growth Assets  63%
Income Assets Benchmark
NZ Fixed Interest 5%
Australian Fixed Interest 7%
International Fixed Interest 18%
Cash and Cash Equivalents 7%
Total Income Assets 37%


Lifetime's Risk Overlay

In order to preserve capital is a fundamental part of the value we provide to our customers.

We constantly monitor financial markets and when we feel volatility or risk is at levels that are not consistent with what we believe is “normal”, we look to move out of global shares and into cash.

While we are monitoring volatility all the time we don’t make changes to the portfolio very often.

We are very mindful of maximising investment returns over 20 plus years and recognise the important role growth assets such as shares play in adding to performance over the longer term.

We only reduce our exposure to shares when volatility looks seriously out of step with what we would normally expect.

Investment Committee

Our Investment Committee is truly one of our strengths, with Cameron Bagrie, Kevin Stirrat, Martin Hawes, Ralph Stewart, Charles Hett, Paul Robertshawe, Victor Huang and Ellen Cheyne. 

Learn More about our Investment Committee.

The investment committee meet monthly to review and discuss the performance of the Fund and its investment strategy. 

Each year to support our annual income reviews Lifetime commission a review of our investment strategy completed by international experts. This is put to our investment committee who review and recommend any changes to our expected returns that support the calculation of our incomes. 

The Results of our 2022 Review were:

  • The long term expected annual returns from the fund are forecast to be at least 5.5% before fees and taxes.
  • Over a retirement term of 30 years the probability of achieving these returns is 80%.

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