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Our purpose is to help people enjoy their retirement with the security of an income for life

Lifetime Retirement Income was awarded

Best Retirement Wealth Management Firm - New Zealand

in the Retirement Planning Awards 2022. 


At Lifetime we have an affinity and passion for developing transparent, low-cost, high value retirement income solutions that New Zealand retirees can have confidence in.

Founder and Managing Director, Ralph Stewart, began researching retirement income products in 2013, ultimately launching the first retirement income product in 2016, which was the forerunner to our latest retirement income solution.

"For many retirees hitting retirement is the wealthiest they will ever be, outside of owning their own home. While that’s good news when heading into retirement, it’s also challenging. What do you do with that money to ensure it lasts your retirement?"

Lifetime helps you take care of the income part of your retirement plan providing regular, tax paid, fortnightly payments into your bank account.

Lifetime currently manages over $250 million, and has a trusted Board of industry experts including Diana Crossan, former Retirement Commissioner 2003 till 2013 and a contributor to the development of KiwiSaver in New Zealand. 


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