Lifetime Home: Debt-Free Equity Release

Regular retirement income for living.

We encourage clients to seek independent financial advice for personalised guidance tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. Clients must seek legal advice from a qualified professional before we can proceed with an agreement.

Embrace a fresh approach to retirement income solutions with debt-free equity release.

What is Lifetime Home?


Introducing a debt-free equity release retirement income solution for retirees aged 70 and above. No mortgage, no debt, no interest, just certainty and regular retirement income to help supplement your day to day living in retirement.


Benefits of Lifetime Home

Retirement Income

Receive a steady income stream, paid fortnightly, to supplement your NZ Superannuation.

Living Comfortably

Paid the same day as NZ Super, it helps supplement your retirement income needs.


You know from the outset exactly how much of your home you will still own after 10 years, providing stability and peace of mind for your retirement.

Debt-Free Equity Release

Say goodbye to mortgages and loans. Lifetime Home provides access to your home's equity to supplement your retirement income without adding to your debt obligations.


Maintain the right to live in your home for life, subject to the terms of the Agreement, ensuring you can enjoy your retirement years in familiar surroundings.



Home for Life

An Agreement with Lifetime will allow you to occupy your home for life, as long as it remains safe for you to do so, and subject to the terms of the Agreement.


Getting Started with Lifetime Home

Education: Take the time to learn about Lifetime Home through our website and educational resources.

Assessment: Request a quick assessment to determine your eligibility and suitability for the product.

Family Discussion: Initiate conversations with your family to ensure everyone is informed and involved in the decision-making process.

Consultation: Arrange a formal consultation with our team to discuss your options and address any questions or concerns.

Formal Process: If both parties agree to proceed, we'll guide you through the formal process, including valuation, legal advice and financial advice.

Agreement: In consultation with your professional advisers complete the Agreement and associated documentation to start receiving your income payments.

Enjoy Retirement: Live comfortably in retirement with the knowledge of a steady income stream from Lifetime Home Limited.




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