Lifetime Home Eligibility*

To qualify for Lifetime Home, homeowners must meet the following criteria:

Minimum Age: You (and your partner) must be over the age of 70.


Owner-Occupier: The property must be your primary residence and you are registered on the title.


Mortgage-Free: The property must be free of any mortgages or encumbrances.


Insurance: The property must be adequately insured and remain so for the duration of the Agreement.


Trusts: A home within a Trust is eligible.


Currently not eligible: Leasehold, and Cross-Lease estates, Unit Title estates (including Apartments and Town houses), and properties that are not your primary residence, for example a rental, investment property or Bach.


*Regardless of the criteria, Lifetime may accept or refuse any applications in its sole discretion.  

Home Eligibility Assessment

We can conduct a Home Eligibility Assessment to review whether your home passes the pre-qualification review. This does not mean that you are automatically approved, nor does it mean you’re rejected.

We recommend completing the pre-qualification check even if you feel your house may not qualify, as the pre-qualification parameters may change in the future and we would be able to notify you.

A pre-qualification check includes assessing the home’s:

Location: Unfortunately, not all areas fall within our pre-qualified criteria. While we do go beyond the main centres, we cannot, at this stage, cover all areas.

Category: Currently we only accept standalone residential dwellings. This means apartments, townhouses, and flats are not pre-qualified.

Title: Currently we only accept free-hold titles.

Lease: Currently we do not accept leaseholds.

We do not accept homes with a mortgage.



Please note a pre-qualification check can take up to two working days.

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