Lifetime Income: Retirement Savings Drawdown

Turn your retirement savings into a regular income.


We know that people spending in retirement require significantly different strategies to those who are saving for retirement. We manage retirees money a little differently to people who are saving for retirement. The reason for that is we have to make sure retirees savings last.

Lifetime Retirement Income can help you turn your retirement savings into a tax—paid, fortnightly income designed to last for the rest of your life.


  • Lifetime helps you take care of the income part of your financial retirement plan, by turning your retirement savings in to a regular income. 
  • Lifetime actively manages the key unknowns: your life expectancy and investment returns.
  • Lifetime's investment strategy is focused on supporting you to a ​target age, not on gaining high returns in any one year.
  • Lifetime works to preserve your long-term capital to support your ongoing retirement income payments for life.
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As retirement income specialists, our sole purpose is delivering you confidence as you spend safely in retirement.

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Former Retirement Commissioner

If you’ve got some savings and you know Super isn’t going to quite do it, managing those savings to generate an income yourself can actually be very challenging or quite frankly, boring!

—Dame Diana Crossan

What are the benefits of Lifetime Income?

A Regular Fortnightly Income - Lifetime pay you an income each fortnight, the same week as NZ Super, so you can continue paying the bills. 


Spend with Confidence - Each year Lifetime calculate an annual income level that means you can confidently draw an income from your retirement savings that is likely to last your lifetime.


Your money is always yours - You can add to or withdraw your funds at any time. It's your investment and you’re in control at all times. If you pass away, your balance will be paid to your estate.


Offers Couples Peace of Mind - By investing as a couple it means that when one person passes away, the surviving partner does not need to worry about finance immediately, as their income payments will continue as normal.


Helps you bridge the income gap – Lifetime gives you a fortnightly income to help you top up your Super and meet your regular expenses.


It’s tax effective – your income payments are paid after fees and tax.

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My dealings with everyone at Lifetime is always prompt, professional and understanding for which I am grateful and would not hesitate to recommend Lifetime to anyone who is interested.

—Happy Lifetime Customer

How does Lifetime Income work?

Lifetime Income can help you turn your savings into a fortnightly income designed to last for the rest of your life.