A golden opportunity

Are you aged 65 or over and live in New Zealand? Then it’s likely that you’re eligible for a raft of discounts and deals on goods and services around the country, thanks to the government’s free SuperGold card.

Also known as the ‘Gold Card’, it offers deals on vital everyday things like electricity, healthcare, food and insurance, as well as more fun things like entertainment, travel and in retail shops too. However, it’s the free off-peak travel on public transport that’s particularly popular.

Whether it’s financial or legal services, a haircut, movie or a holiday you want to save money on, chances are the SuperGold card can help and make your retirement income stretch that bit further. Some businesses in Australia even offer discounts to SuperGold Kiwis too.

An app has also been created to make it easier to access SuperGold card deals while you’re out and about.

"Giving instant discounts and special offers on everyday essentials can make a real difference when you're managing on a tight budget."

—Former Minister for Seniors, Tracey Martin.

Rewarding seniors contribution

The SuperGold card is intended to help seniors on fixed incomes to stretch their dollars further and is also a way of thanking older people for their contribution to society. It was introduced in 2007 and revamped in 2019 and now comes under the remit of the Minister for Seniors.

Most seniors are very reliant on New Zealand Superannuation (NZ Super) and other government transfers, according to figures published in 2019 from the New Zealand Government. These figures show 40 percent of seniors have less than $100 per week coming in from other sources. The SuperGold card is intended to help these people to get more value from their income.

How do I get it?

Once your NZ Super or Veteran’s Pension has been granted, your SuperGold card will simply turn up in the post, courtesy of the Ministry of Social Development.

Those aged 65 and over that are normally resident in New Zealand qualify for the SuperGold card. If you’re not normally a resident here and don’t intend to stay, you won’t qualify.


Lifetime is designed to help you bridge the gap between your expenses and the money you get from NZ Super.



Frequently asked questions about the SuperGold Card

How much does it cost to get the card?

Zip, nada, nothing. It is totally free.

How do I get the free off-peak travel?

This offer applies to public transport only and is available in many parts of New Zealand. Typically, off-peak is 9am to 3pm and any time on weekends and public holidays. So, there is plenty of time to get out and enjoy yourself without paying a cent.  

For more information on where and when you can access the free travel, check out this information on the SuperGold website.

Who funds the SuperGold card?

While the New Zealand Government funds the free off-peak travel on public transport, the other discounts and offers are provided by the businesses themselves.

Can I still get a SuperGold card if I don't receive NZ Super?

You don’t have to be receiving NZ Super or a Veteran’s Pension to be able to get a SuperGold card. But you do need to be living in New Zealand and intending to stay here, as well as being  aged 65 or over (unless you’re included as the partner of someone getting NZ Super).

Information on applying for the card is available here.

Where can I get more information?

The New Zealand Government’s SuperGold website is the best place for head for more information on this scheme. You can also check out the SuperGold Facebook page for more information on deals and offers too.