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2 February 2023

All Good Things Take Time


Credit to Mainland Cheese for the title of this article which describes not just the making of cheese but the management of retirement income equally well. I believe this is the best in the long running series of Mainland Cheese TV commercials produced in 2011.


Ralph Stewart, Founder & Managing Director

Ralph Stewart, Founder & Managing Director


Making great cheese is about the importance of aging, retirement income management is just the same. Our job at Lifetime is to ensure we provide the highest possible level of income we can through the entire aging process.


2022 was a year of negative returns for nearly all the major assets we invest in (Shares and Bonds). We know this will not be the case over the duration of a full retirement. Even though 2022 was a year of negative returns, we continue to forecast the average rate of return we will achieve over 20 years is at least 5.5 percent.


There is no need to recommend changes in income levels arising from recent negatives returns, they are part of the aging journey.


While we welcome 2023 with much optimism, we also see 2023 through our long-term retirement income lens. Patient and conservative. We continue to actively manage your investment for retirement income, as we did in 2022, by holding a conservative investment setting.


Your investment in shares locally and internationally can be as much as 63 percent. We are currently at 45 percent and have increased cash holdings to 26 percent while holding the same level of local and international bonds 20 percent. If you would like to learn more about how we invest to generate a retirement income please Click Here to View.


Dynamic Retirement Income Solutions

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Alternatively, always happy to talk through the strategy if you would like to


Like Diana, on behalf of all of us at Lifetime, we are sincerely grateful for the loyalty and support of our customers.


We wish you the very best and as worry-free as possible 2023.


Ralph Stewart,

Founder & Managing Director
Lifetime Retirement Income  

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Ralph Stewart

Ralph Stewart is the Founder and Managing Director of the Lifetime Asset Management, managers of the Lifetime Retirement Income Fund.

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