A guaranteed income for life


Your retirement's a new adventure. It’s the reason you started saving all those years ago. But now that you’re finally here, how do you make sure your savings last as long as you do?

Your pay cheque may have stopped but the bills haven’t, so how do you make a lump sum last a retirement that could span 30 years?

Lifetime can help you turn your savings into a fortnightly income that’s insured to last the rest of your life, no matter how long you live.

Regardless of what happens to interest rates or financial markets, the income you get from Lifetime is insured and guaranteed for life.


I love knowing my pay cheque will arrive every fortnight for the rest of my life


- Grant, Waikato




Why choose Lifetime?


  • A guaranteed income for life - Lifetime gives you certainty. You know you’ve got money coming in every fortnight to pay the bills, just like when you were working.
  • Protects your downside - you don’t need to worry about market downturns or low interest rates affecting your income. With Lifetime, you have an insured and guaranteed income for life.
  • Your income is secure - Lifetime is licensed as an insurance company by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand and regulated by the Financial Markets Authority. Your investment is held and supervised by the Public Trust, a crown entity.
  • Your money is always yours - you can add to or withdraw your funds at any time. It's your investment and you’re in control at all times. If you pass away, your balance will be paid to your estate.

  • Helps you bridge the income gap – Lifetime gives you a permanent fortnightly income to help you top up your Super and meet your regular expenses.
  • It’s tax effective – your income payments are paid after fees and tax.


Between $25,000 and $1,500,000
Between 60 and 90
Between 60 and 90



How Lifetime works


Learn how you can get an income for life.