1 June 2016

Retirement income seminar

Palmerston North, Tuesday 21 June 2016 -  A retirement income seminar featuring long standing financial analysts and commentators will present Palmerston North with modern retirement income solutions.

The seminar, run by Lifetime Income, a New Zealand company specialising in modern retirement income solutions, will inform and discuss retirement income solutions used internationally.


“The ability to convert retirement savings into a reliable, secure income to supplement New Zealand Superannuation is a fundamental issue for all those considering or in retirement,” says Ralph Stewart, Chief Executive of Lifetime Income.


Guest speakers will include financial journalist and commentator Bernard Hickey and local financial adviser and commentator Maryann Pratt.


“Everyone is living longer, which is great. However this can be a challenge for retirees who are concerned about their money lasting as long as they do. This, combined with low term deposit rates, means that retirees are looking for investment solutions that allow them to fully enjoy their retirement, however long that is." says Maryann Pratt of Professional Investment Services Manawatu.


Bob Lissington, researcher and retirement expert, will host the hour and a half seminar focused on practical income requirements in retirement.


The seminar “Practical Retirement Income Solutions,” will be held at Manawatu Golf Club, 19 Centennial Drive, Palmerston North on Tuesday 21 June at 5:30pm.

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