How much can you afford to spend in retirement?

Retirement Planning Calculator

Calculate how much you can safely spend in retirement.


How it works

The calculator can help you understand:


  • How you could invest your retirement savings
  • How much you could safely spend
  • How long your money will last



This calculator was developed with Victoria University and leading retirement planners, Liz Koh and Martin Hawes:

Retirement Planning Calculator
Your income level affects how much income you’ll get and the probability it will last until your life expectancy.

How could you invest your retirement savings?

When you're investing your retirement savings, it's important to:

  • Invest according to your timeframe
  • Diversify your savings in high quality assets
  • Ensure you can always access your money

Based on these principles, you could consider combining the following investments:

Insured Income




Your investment allocation

Based on your life expectancy, you could consider the following investment allocation:

Total Investment
Insured Income

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