Turning your nest egg into an income.

You've spent your working life saving for retirement. Lifetime can turn your investment into a regular, lifelong income without sacrificing your need for flexibility.

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Three things everyone planning retirement should know.

If you're thinking about your finances in retirement there are three considerations that emerge as the most important. Find out how a good plan will take into account all three.

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How much will your income be in retirement?

For most people it's the bottom line. Calculate how much income your nest egg will generate by using our Lifetime Fund Calculator.

Lifetime Income Fund Calculator

Your pay cheque's stopped but the bills haven't.

How do you turn a lump sum into a regular, dependable income that will last the rest of your life? That's exactly what Lifetime set out to answer. Find out how.

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Getting the basics right.

Diana Crossan, ex Retirement Commissioner and Chairperson of Retirement Income Group explains the principles underpinning Lifetime Income.

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A reliable lifetime income.

Ralph Stewart, Chief Executive, explains how the Lifetime guarantee works.

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